Class 10th Important Artical in EnglishClass 10th Important Artical in English

 Class 10th Important Artical in English

Class 10th Important Artical in English

In this post, some important articles of Class 10th are given.  These types of articles can be asked in your Class 10 board exam.  I request you guys to read this post completely

This post contains the following articles

  1. A scene Inside a Classroom Without a Teacher
  2. A journey by bus
  3. School Life as I have Known


A scene inside a classroom without a teacher 

A scene inside a classroom without a teacher is always orderless and noisy.  Students do not sit silently and in rows.  They do not read their books.  They just talk and talk.  They don’t bother about other classes.  They also don’t bother if they are disturbing other classes.  They play, hop, jump, shout.  They even fight among themselves.  They do not know where their things are.  If any one steals something they do not know.  A few sing a song while the others copy their teachers in one way or the other.  So the scene is really different from the usual classroom scene.

A Journey By Bus

There are many advantages of a journey by Bus. It has a great educative value. It makes our mind broad. It teaches us lots of lesson in life. We learn a lot of new things by visiting different places. A journey by bus brings people of different places closer and fosters sympathy and understanding. When we travel in foreign countries by bus, we learn to respect the culture and traditions which are different from our own. We also see geographical and historical places from which we learn a lot. It gives us a lot of pleasure, too. It is constant source of joy in the otherwise dull life of ours. So, life without journey lacks interest and excitement. Journey should be made a part of eduation because it develops the personality of students. They learn a lot by visiting the different part of their country. Journey by bus teaches them that there is basic unity beneath the differences in the dresses and languages ​​of the people living in the different parts of the country. It widens their mental horizon. It enables them to become good citizens.

School Life as I Have Known

I have known school life as a mixture of joys and sorrows. But it is very important in anybody’s life. If it is not there in one’s life, that life is useless and incomplete. It is a kind of training ground where a person learns the living of life. One builds one’s life through school life. I derive utmost pleasure in the company of my class fellows. We play, eat, study, laugh and enjoy together. Then we learn new things from our teachers. They teach us some valuable things of life. Books are a treasure – house of knowledge. We learn from them the basic things of life.


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